Flora Two-tier Fountain        

Product Specifications

  • Category: Fountains
    Height: 50 in.
    Diameter: 29 in.
    Weight: 359 lbs.
    Recommended fountain cover: FC22S
    Pump: PS3
    Lighting: Not included
    Number of pieces: 3
Flora Two-tier Fountain

Shown in Relic Sargasso (RS)
From classic to deco to floral, our new two-tier fountains feature exacting spills with plenty of water action. All three (5042F3, 5043F3 and 5044F3) feature our exclusive "shim-less leveling" system. 
     A brilliant multilevel ´╗┐underwater ´╗┐LED light kit is available for tiered fountains to create a shimmering night-time effect.

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