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The artisan’s touch shapes every product we produce. Each piece is cast by hand, using traditional Old World craftsmanship, and then complemented with our rich and inviting finishes. 
Our fountains and statuary are expertly engineered and skillfully made in the USA.
The result is an evolving legacy of beauty. Henri fountains and garden décor continue to enhance distinctive homes and landscapes, adding elegance and enjoyment to outdoor living spaces throughout the world. 
Creativity and quality are our passions. We invite you to enjoy our Henri Studio creations now, and for many years to come.
New products for 2017:
4033F2 Zen Three-Bowl Fountain
4410F1 Lion Single Spout Fountain
4411F1 Fleur de Lys Single Spout Fountain
4412F1 Del Sol Single Spout Fountain
4413F1 Rock Face Single Spout Fountain
5329F2A Regatta Bubbler Fountain
5329F2B Tall Regatta Bubbler Fountain
5341F2A Cherub Bubbler Fountain
5341F2B Tall Cherub Bubbler Fountain
5340F2A Butterfly Bubbler Fountain
5340F2B Tall Butterfly Bubbler Fountain
5444F2A Ring of Birds Bubbler Fountain
5444F2B Tall Ring of Birds Bubbler Fountain
5446F2 Tall Ring of Frogs Bubbler Fountain
4004F2A Chalice Fountain
4004F2B Tall Chalice Fountain
Statuary - ​College Mascots
2963 Kansas State "Powercat"
2964 TCU "Horned Frog"
2965 Mississippi State "Bully"
2966 Mississippi "Ole Miss"
Statuary - Military
1811 Camo Woman Soldier
1812 Camo Woman Soldier - African American 
1813 Coast Guardsman
1814 Coast Guardsman - African American
Planters and Urns
4004B Chalice Planter
4004C Tall Chalice Planter
5444B Nest Planter
5446C Cattail Planter
Outdoor Gatherings
2801 River Stone Bench
2802 Driftwood Bench
2803 Traditional Bench
Statuary - Various
1720 Angelic Dog
1721 Angelic Cat
1863 Forest - Children of the Forest
1864 Willow - Children of the Forest
1920 Rusty the Dog
1921 Fluffy the Cat
2032HT God and Country
2033 Welcome Monks
2034 Welcome Angels
2121 Tall Round Bird House
2123 Tall Square Bird House
2641P Piped Medium Frog
2642P Piped Large Frog
2826HT English Bulldog
2881 Piped Male Crane
2882 Piped Female Crane
Fountain Updates
4002F7 NeoStone Fountain
5147F2 Medallion Fountain
5290F2 Large Vesuvio Fountain