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The artisan’s touch shapes every product we produce. Each piece is cast by hand, using traditional Old World craftsmanship, and then complemented with our rich and inviting finishes. 
Our fountains and statuary are expertly engineered and skillfully made in the USA.
The result is an evolving legacy of beauty. Henri fountains and garden décor continue to enhance distinctive homes and landscapes, adding elegance and enjoyment to outdoor living spaces throughout the world. 
Creativity and quality are our passions. We invite you to enjoy our Henri Studio creations now, and for many years to come:
4949F2 Giant Leaf Fountain
5147F2 Medallion Fountain
5328F2A Sunburst Fountain
5328F2B Tall Sunburst Fountain
5738F1 Tree of Life Fountain
5885F2 Rock Wall Fountain
2305 Wide Weathered Birdbath 
2306 Wide Vine Birdbath 
2444 Ring of Birds Birdbath 
2446 Ring of Frogs Birdbath 
Statuary - ​College Mascots
2960 Rutgers "Scarlet Knight"
2961 Maryland "Testudo"
2962 Purdue "Boilermaker Locomotive"
2994 Kansas "Jayhawk"
2995 Northwestern "N-Cat"
2996 Nebraska "Husker Logo"
2997 Indiana "IU Trident Logo"
2998 Minnesota "Goldy Gopher"
2999 Illinois "Block I Logo"
Statuary - Military
1801 Camo Soldier
1802 Camo Soldier - African American 
1803 Army Dress Uniform 
1804 Army Dress Uniform - African American
1805 Navy ​Sailor Uniform
1806 Navy ​Sailor Uniform - African American 
1807 Air Force Dress Uniform 
1808 Air Force Dress Uniform - African American 
1809 Marines Dress Uniform 
1810 Marines Dress Uniform - African American 
Statuary - Perfect Pets 
2551 "Scat" the Cat 
255​2 "Buddy" the Dog 
2553 "Nibbles" the Rabbit 
2554 "Kiss" the Frog 
2555 "Chirps" the Bird 
2556 "Hoots" the Owl 
2557 "Hedge" the Hog 
2558 "Oink" the Pig 
Statuary - Various
1500 Madonna
1771 Kneeling Angel 
1772 Standing Angel 
2003 Lamb 
2030 Celtic Cross 
2031 Welcome Obelisk
2113 Universal Post Holder
2441 English Hare 
2530 Rooster Provence 
2570 Owl 
2590 Pelican 
2617A Rooster 
2617B Hen
2641 Medium Frog 
2642 Large Frog 
2643 Med Turtle 
2644 Large Turtle
2811 Laying Cat 
2812 Sitting Cat 
2824 Dog with Paper 
2825 Poodle 
2832 Goose & Gander
2891 Goose 
2892 Gander 
2895 "Hippie" the Hippo - Piped 
2896 "Hornsby" the Rhino 
2897 "Ellie" the Elephant Piped 
2910 Armadillo 
2940 German Shepherd
5470 Tropical Reef Statue
Planters and Pedestals 
8762 Avanti II Alpi II Vase 
8763 Avanti II Monti II Vase 
8771 Avanti II Bassette ​Planter​
8772 Avanti II Monte​e Planter
8773 Avanti II Quadrette Planter